About Mobile Learning Council

mLearningCouncil was formed by Sanjay Nasta and Marcus Turner.   Sanjay and Marcus are passionate about effective learning that drives behavior and performance.  Mobile devices are one of the most significant changes in the technology marketplace since the introduction of the personal computer.   We feel that they will change learning and performance.

Atomic Axis Mobile Development

Atomic Axis offers Mobile Strategy, Mobile Web Site, and Mobile Development services.  We use our technical skills to create industry leading mobile learning, mobile performance support and mobile classroom support solutions.  Marcus and Sanjay are both founders of Atomic Axis.

Twitter:  @atomicaxis

MicroAssist Training and Development

Sanjay founded MicroAssist in 1988.   Personal computers were just entering the workplace and we felt that people needed training to use them.  Over 24+ years later, MicroAssist. is one of Austin’s most experienced Learning companies.

Twitter:  @microassist

E-Learning Council

MicroAssist was a founding member of E-Learning Council.   MicroAssist recognized the strong need for a peer to peer organization to improve the quality of E-Learning.  E-Learning Council has created a strong community of learning and development peers.  We hold twice yearly conferences in Austin and Houston and have a strong online and social community.

Twitter:  @learningcouncil